Our Sustainability Process

 A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility 

The process for customizing a company's sustainability index involves both the company and system.

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    Establishing Objectives

     To create a company sustainability index, organizations usually begin by conducting a comprehensive sustainability assessment that helps them identify their sustainability objectives. Based on these objectives, our SDGwise System suggests the key components that should be included in the index to ensure alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other international sustainability frameworks. 

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    Evidence-based Performance Assessment

     Next, the company conducts a performance assessment for each of the identified components, either internally or with the assistance of a third-party sustainability consultant or auditor. This assessment is evidence-based and takes into account data from various sources, such as internal data, industry benchmarks, and stakeholder feedback. It's important to ensure that the assessment is conducted with care and attention to detail, and that all relevant data is collected and analyzed in a comprehensive and accurate manner. 

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    Sustainability Apps for Improvement

    For each identified component, our system provides a specific sustainability app that helps organizations track and improve their performance in that area. These apps are designed to guide organizations through the management of the relevant components, collect KPI data, and monitor progress towards their sustainability goals. 

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    Customized Recommendations

     Based on the assessment results, our system generates actionable recommendations that guide organizations towards sustainable practices that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other international sustainability frameworks. Organizations can select the recommendations that fit their specific implementation objectives, ensuring that their sustainability goals are achievable and in line with their overall business objectives. 

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    Planning Actions Towards Sustainability

    An effective implementation plan is essential for achieving sustainability goals and driving continuous improvement. Our system is designed to guide organizations through the implementation of their sustainability action plan. This is done through the use of our sustainability apps, which are tailored to the specific components identified in the sustainability index. These apps provide step-by-step guidance on how to manage and improve sustainability performance, and collect KPI data for ongoing monitoring and reporting 

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    Data Collection

     the KPI data collection process is drawn from the sustainability index components selected by the company. This data is crucial for measuring progress towards sustainability goals and identifying areas for improvement. Our system enables organizations to collect KPI data efficiently and accurately through our sustainability apps. These apps guide organizations through the collection process and ensure that data is collected consistently across all relevant components. This data is then compiled and analyzed in our software, providing organizations with the insights they need to make informed decisions about their sustainability performance. 

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    Reporting and Visualization

    Our system includes reporting and dashboard visualization capabilities that enable organizations to easily track and communicate their sustainability performance to stakeholders. This ensures that progress towards sustainability goals is transparent and accessible to all relevant stakeholders. 

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    Continuous Improvement Cycle

     To close the loop, monitoring will result in collecting KPI data every year, which will be used to conduct new performance assessments with a new sustainability improvement cycle. This ensures that organizations are continually improving their sustainability performance and meeting their sustainability goals. With SDGwise, organizations can achieve their sustainability goals, promote responsible practices, and drive positive change in their industries. 

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